Please feed the blog

Hi and welcome.

This site is an experiment and it needs you to make it happen. Otherwise it's going to just collect dust on some digital shelf of the blogshere.

The idea is simple.

As you can see from my biog, I'm lacking in family recipes and so want yours. I plan on cooking as many as possible and posting the results here. Letting you know what they were like, how much my family enjoyed them (or didn't), who they came from and to share with you whatever stories, pictures and memories that get sent with them.

I'm hoping recipes will come from all over the world covering all our cultures.

It's all about sharing and celebrating those personal, family recipes that have traditionally been handed down from generation to generation and are often the only real, tangible memory we have of long gone loved ones, which in some cases, we many never have met.

If no one sends me recipes the site dies. So, please feed the site. Please send any recipe you and your family hold dear to recipeOrphan[AT]yahoo[DOT]com